10 Tech Gadgets All Music Lovers Should Have

Music is the most soulful feeling in the world which can take you to another world, in minutes. Everyone loves music, and the choice of music depends on the mood, but the quality of the music depends upon a great music system. We bring some wonderful and great tech gadgets for all the music freaks.

  1. Beats Studio by Dr. Dre. :

These headphones provide you with clarity, deep bass, and incredible power. This was invented after a research of three years by the music professionals. These headphones come with an iPhone enabled headphone cable with a microphone and built-in answer button. This enables the user to switch between music and phone easily.

  1. Pryma Headphones:

These are made out of genuine leather, stainless steel, copper, and die-cast aluminum and is handmade by the Italian artisans. These headbands are interchangeable, and one of the very attractive earphones launched in the market.

  1. Harmon Kardon Omni 10 Wireless Loudspeakers:

This device enables to set up multiple streams with the unique feature of One Touch Follow Me, which directs the sound in the direction of the user. It is most recommended for the audiophile’s home.

  1. Philips Home Theatre:

Philips HTD5580/94 home theater has a surround sound 5.1 with Bluetooth connectivity and a wireless playback. It has great immersion and is compatible with all files and formats which are available in the market.

  1. Ipad+Djay App:

Djay app is a new app for the iPad users which has Dj software which turns your iPad into a hi-fi DJ system. This is an interesting and stylish app for the music lovers and makes and gives you the illusion of using turntables rather than a normal iPad. The touch screen pad comes with the integration of music library.

  1. IBL Clip 2:

This device has an inbuilt Li-ion battery which gives a battery backup of up to 8 hours. This is waterproof and gives higher mobility than others. This speaker can be connected using Bluetooth speakers and also using integrated audio cable.

  1. Shure’s SE425 Earbuds:

This is a fancy earphone every music admirer must have in his pocket. Their audio quality is beyond any comparison and sound isolation which can take you entirely indulged in another world. This provides a balanced sound to the ears.

  1. iPod Nano:

This is a small iPod which is now available in a smaller size than before. It has a feature of multi-touch and a built-in FM radio. This is a light weight Apple device and extremely flexible and portable.

  1. UE Boom 2:

This is another wireless speaker you must own to have a great music ambiance. It can play music up to 15 hours, and it also has equipment which is prone to updates of iOS and Android. A single device having this app is enough and other can simply be connected with it.

  1. AfterShokz Bluez 2s:

The striking and unique feature of this device is that it delivers sound via your cheekbones. They work on the bone conduction technology, and because of this they don’t go inside one’s ears and do not block them.

These gadgets are a must for music lovers and for those who live entirely for music. We recommend you to have a proper research and go for the best gadget which you want.