Security Camera Best Practices You Should Know before Installing them on Premises

Most businesses today, will base their entire building security plan around security cameras. This ends up creating a false sense of security for them, because there can be lots of issues that are left unaccounted for. For instance, the cameras could be set up in the wrong places, don’t work in the dark, could be faulty, or not positioned properly. If you plan to install security cameras on your premises and your entire security plan depends on them, you must consider the best practices first.

So, how can you ensure that your surveillance security cameras are helping secure your building? Let’s look at security best practices everyone should know before installing on premises:

·        Real-time monitoring

You must decide, whether your staff is using monitors for real-time viewing. Hold them accountable for monitoring screens regularly, and ensure they use passwords to protect against cybersecurity threats.

·        Selection

The cameras you are using for security purposes on premises must be installed properly and provide high-quality results. You can conduct a site security assessment to ensure proper visibility and recorded viewing, and using a quality camera like Hikvision or Netgear is important.

·        Recorded method

You must decide the length of time you want to keep recordings. Do you want to maintain separate tapes for a set time or do you plan on using a loop system to record over previous events?

·        Placement

Decide where the best places to install security cameras are on the property. There may be lots of blind spots, and you should look at all angles before installing a security camera.

·        Footage retrieval

You must label all tapes based on the areas and dates so that it makes retrieval and search efficient and easy for you.

·        Staff training

It is a good idea to train your employees about blocking views of the camera. You don’t want an employee obstructing the camera in a critical area, which will defeat the purpose of having a security camera installed there.

·        Maintenance and adjustment

Security cameras installed on your premises may require frequent checks and adjustments. Make sure that your security personnel inspect all equipment and make minor adjustments to ensure that the cameras are in good working condition.

·        Incident investigation

You should use recorded footage from the security cameras on your premises to investigate all potential issues.

In the era of heightened security for facilities in every industry, it is imperative that you know about security camera best practices before installing them on your premises. They can provide you with the best defence against property damage, criminal activity and security breaches.